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We all want BNPS students’ primary school experience to be the best it can be, giving all our kids a great foundation in life. The Government provides the necessary funds for staff, buildings, upkeep and maintenance, and some teaching resources. However, BNPS parents generally seek an enhanced educational experience for their children, including excursions, incursions, learning materials, equipment and facilities not provided by Government funding. So, if we wish to acquire a new supply of class readers for the kids, better maths and science resources, interactive whiteboards, more sports equipment, or to revitalise external play spaces, we need to raise the funds ourselves.

With our student population having doubled in size since 2010, there are now twice as many reasons to raise funds. Activities vary from year to year but usually include:

  • School community fundraising, e.g. School Fete, parent trivia night or a ‘Book Drive’.
  • External fundraising activities which seek funds from outside the school, e.g. grant applications or election day stalls.
  • Indirect fundraising where the school benefits from a percentage of total sales, e.g. Scholastic Book Club and Book Fair, or commission, e.g. School Banking program.
  • Fundraising for charity, e.g. gold coin donation days such as Crazy Hair Day, led by the Junior School Council (JSC).

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