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Children thrive at school when they are healthy, happy and secure. Find information about the programs and support services available for your child.


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Social & Emotional Learning

At Brunswick North Primary School everyone has the right to feel safe and happy and everyone has the right to learn. Student wellbeing is the foundation of all school activities and programs. Our goal is to provide a safe and engaging environment that supports and promotes the behavioural, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of all our students.

Student inclusion

At BNPS we expect high standards of student behaviour based on co-operation, mutual responsibility and self-discipline. We promote positive, non-discriminatory relationships among students, parents, staff and the wider community. See our Student Wellbeing & Engagement Policy for more information.

Building resilience

At BNPS we support our students to develop the key skills they need to build resilience through our Bounceback! program. Resilience is the ability to cope and thrive in the face of challenge or negative events. Children with strong social and emotional skills are more likely to have an enhanced connection with their school and peers, and lead happy, optimistic and balanced lives.

Buddy Programs

Our successful Foundation and Year 5/6 Buddy Program promotes mentoring and responsibility in our older students and helps our younger students to feel safe and welcome in the school environment. In 2017, we will be launching The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's Better Buddies Framework, which is an initiative designed to create friendly and caring primary school communities where bullying is reduced.

No Bullying

BNPS takes bullying very seriously and has guidelines for its prevention and management. Our approach requires that all students, teachers, and parents and carers work together to ensure that everyone understands that bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. See our Anti-Bullying & Cyber-Bullying Policy & Procedures for more information.

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