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Assessment & Reporting

Assessment and reporting are vital processes that provide information about what students know and can do, allowing teachers to make recommendations for their future learning.

A comprehensive assessment schedule is used to identify student strengths and individual learning needs, so teachers can plan differentiated learning programs for their classes. Our teachers regularly analyse and moderate the data which are used to inform our teaching and learning programs.

At BNPS we report on student achievement twice a year to parents and carers. A report is written for each student outlining their child’s progress and achievement against clearly defined learning standards. Teachers also meet with parents twice a year (March and June) to discuss their child’s development and future learning goals. 

Reports on student learning are clear, individualised and provide accurate information about student progress related to the Victorian Curriculum.

Student reports are issued using a five point rating scale to show student progress and achievement at the time of reporting.

Parents and carers are also welcome to make an appointment with their child's teacher to discuss the progress of their child at any time during the year.