At Brunswick North Primary School, we offer a rich and varied curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and foster a lifelong love of learning.


At Brunswick North Primary School, we take a balanced approach to literacy instruction. A structured synthetic phonics framework provides the basis for all literacy skills, our students learn these vital building blocks of language through targeted explicit instruction at their individual point of need.


At Brunswick North Primary School, we explicitly teach students mathematical concepts and skills within the context of authentic problems. We ensure our tasks are ‘low floor high ceiling’, enabling each student to rehearse skills at their point of need.


Brunswick North Primary School places the student at the centre of a genuine Inquiry-based learning program. Teachers engage students in different areas of the curriculum, before gradually releasing responsibility for learning as the unit evolves.


Brunswick North Primary School students learn science through the practical exploration of concepts in their own classrooms. The predict, observe, explain model provides a framework for developing early scientific thinking, providing a pathway to the formal scientific method they will experience in secondary school and beyond.


Physical Education at Brunswick North Primary School is an important component of the school’s curriculum. Participating in P.E. contributes to a sense of community and social connectedness which are vital components of improved wellbeing.


Language learning develops literacy and communication skills which are transferable across learning areas. It also strengthens student’s understanding of linguistics, social and cultural practices, and identities.


The Music program at BNPS is based around the principles of ‘Musical Futures’ which is committed to finding ways to enable all young people to experience practical music making, to understand the processes of music making and for music to contributing to social education and personal development.

Visual Art

The impact of visual arts education on the development of flexible, analytical thinkers capable of critically examining and manipulating ideas, products, concepts, and possibilities is well-documented. The Visual Arts program at Brunswick North Primary School has embraced this philosophy, fostering an environment where all students can unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills through the utilisation of various 2D and 3D materials.

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