Physical Education at Brunswick North Primary School is an important component of the school’s curriculum.

Participating in P.E. contributes to a sense of community and social connectedness which are vital components of improved wellbeing. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that demonstrate and promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. This inclusive program allows students to develop an understanding and appreciation of cooperative and competitive sports and games.

Weekly P.E lessons are skill-based and provide students with a variety of physical and sporting experiences. The year F-2 program also incorporates a focus on the sequential development of fundamental motor and locomotion skills.

In addition, our year 3 – 6 students participate in the district swimming, cross country, and athletic championships. They partake in a week-long swimming program that focuses on stroke efficiency, water safety awareness, and general fitness. Our year 5/6 students participate in a winter season and summer season of interschool sport. In Term 4, the school has a whole school community sports day which involves students representing their ‘house’ whilst participating in a variety of fun activities.

BNPS also has a student leadership program that enables selected year 6 students to take on leadership roles within the P.E program. This involves a variety of things including presenting assembly announcements, assisting with the chess club, and distributing and collating sports equipment.

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