Sustainability at school, home and beyond.

Brunswick North Primary School works together to inspire our whole school community to make positive contributions to sustainability at school, home and beyond.

We aim to reduce our impact on the earth in order to produce a clean, safe and healthy environment and preserve resources for future generations. Brunswick North Primary School achieves this by continuing to integrate sustainability into all areas of the school culture and instilling a sense of ownership and pride in improving the environment. We work with the school community to adopt best practices in waste management, water and energy usage, and promote biodiversity throughout the school grounds. Our school is part of the Sustainability Victoria ResourceSmart initiative that assists schools to embed sustainability in everything they do.

Some sustainability initiatives at Brunswick North PS include:

  • Student led Green Team
  • Promoting biodiversity by planting flora indigenous to our area
  • Our paper recycling program
  • Water collection in tanks for garden watering
  • Solar panels
  • Celebrating events such as Nude Food Week, Walk/Ride to School Days and Schools’ Tree Planting Day
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