Brunswick North Primary School

Student Life

Explore the dynamic student life at Brunswick North Primary School, where engaging learning and diverse extracurricular activities enrich every student’s school experience.

Our Safe School

At Brunswick North Primary School we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for our students, staff and community. We are vigilant in our application of the Child Safe Standards; our policies are lived in the everyday school experience.

Wellbeing & Inclusion

At Brunswick North Primary School, we understand that all children bring a diverse range of needs to the school environment. Our staff work in partnership with students and families to create classrooms and playgrounds where all children can thrive.


Brunswick North Primary School is a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) School. SWPBS is an evidence-based framework that enables schools to improve student behavioural, wellbeing and academic outcomes.

Student Voice and Agency

Our students understand themselves as learners. They are supported to find their own voice within our school, to understand their pathway and are empowered to have agency in their learning. Our teachers work alongside our students to set learning goals and identify the strategies they will use to achieve them

Brunswick North Primary School
is located on the corner of Pearson
and Albion Streets, Brunswick West,
Victoria 3055

Phone Number: 03 9383 1400

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