Wellbeing & Inclusion

At Brunswick North Primary School, we understand that all children bring a diverse range of needs to the school environment.

Our staff work in partnership with students and families to create classrooms and playgrounds where all children can thrive. We know that children respond to their environment and that considered and deliberate adjustments enable children to be their best selves. Our staff are provided with training and resources to confidently work with students with diverse learning, social, emotional, and mental health needs. They artfully employ a range of strategies to respond to individual children on individual days.

We take a multi-tiered approach to wellbeing and inclusion. All students benefit from universal tier 1 supports such as mindfulness, clear routines and expectations, positive praise-based education and most importantly strong relationships between students and teachers. Our staff understand some students will require targeted adjustments. Senior wellbeing staff work alongside the teacher, student, and family, meeting regularly to develop, monitor and adjust support plans. Finally, there are some instances where individual support is required. We are practised in drawing upon Department of Education resources to ensure the individual student, their family and their peers are able to negotiate challenges, develop resilience and positively engage with their learning and peers.

Our wellbeing team consists of our Principal, Assistant Principal, a dedicated Wellbeing Lead Teacher and our Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader. This team works alongside teachers in their classrooms to ensure they are supported to create the conditions where all students can thrive. Brunswick North Primary School is a part of the Respectful Relationships initiative, playing a significant role as the lead school for our area.

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