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At Brunswick North Primary School, we value a passion for learning through a positive, friendly atmosphere that promotes social justice, inclusion, diversity and environmental sustainability.

Our students flourish and experience success. We do this by developing a powerful community of learners – of students, parents, carers and staff that values caring, respectful relationships and shares responsibility for student’s education. We cultivate an environment where learning is meaningful, engaging and collaborative. An environment where our students are curious, connect with and create work that matters to them.

We help our students develop a sense of resilience and optimism about their future and have the courage to pursue and create opportunities that will lead to happy and fulfilling lives. Our students feel empowered as both learners and leaders, feel highly motivated and to actively contribute to both their own education and to whole school initiatives and their communities. We build a culture where community members respect their own worth, take care of themselves, treat each other fairly and expect others to treat them well. Community members who take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge their effect on others. Community members who show courage by challenging themselves to try new things and by being resilient, independent and confident to take risks in order to overcome personal challenges.

Our staff are committed to providing high quality teaching and learning programs where teachers and students collaborate in learning partnerships in and beyond school. The school provides support for teachers to collaborate and to evaluate and improve their teaching through access to pedagogical resources and professional learning experiences. This creates deeper learning experiences for students.

It is a privilege to work in schools, where we can have direct influence on how students choose to live their lives. I have spent my career in government education, working in schools all over Melbourne.  It is a joy to work alongside the students, staff and community at Brunswick North Primary School.

Hand in hand we learn.

Adam Dunemann

Brunswick North Primary School

Brunswick North Primary School
is located on the corner of Pearson
and Albion Streets, Brunswick West,
Victoria 3055

Email: brunswick.north.ps@education.vic.gov.au
Phone Number: 03 9383 1400

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