Student Voice & Agency

Our students understand themselves as learners.

They are supported to find their own voice within our school, to understand their pathway and are empowered to have agency in their learning. Our teachers work alongside our students to set learning goals and identify the strategies they will use to achieve them. In this way students ‘own’ their learning.

We structure our learning experiences to ensure students have a capacity to act in the world, and a willingness to lead others. When we empower students, we enhance engagement in their learning, the school and our community.

Our students have genuine opportunities to lead our school, with roles that influence our practice and policy. These opportunities are open to students in all year levels, with increasing responsibility as they move through our school. Leadership roles are tailored to specific student skills and interests, including Junior School Council, Green Team, Inclusion Action Team, Specialist Captains and membership in our Reconciliation Action Plan working group and School Wide Positive Behaviour team. Our students run ‘pop up’ lunchtime activities twice weekly, where they teach their peers about a particular passion or skill they wish to share.

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