School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

Brunswick North Primary School is a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) School.

SWPBS is an evidence-based framework that enables schools to improve student behavioural, wellbeing and academic outcomes. We know that when we model, teach and acknowledge the behaviours that align to our values, our students come to understand the positive consequences of these behaviours.

Brunswick North Primary School students and staff have collectively identified the behaviours that will promote wellbeing and learning. These are captured in our matrix of expected behaviours and are aligned with our school values. It is our guide to how we can live our values every day.

Brunswick North Primary School Design Matrix

Students are explicitly taught how to use these behaviours in context and are acknowledged at an individual, class and whole school level when they succeed.

Students exhibiting challenging behaviours are coached to understand alternate pro-social choices they can make. They are taught the natural consequences of both challenging and positive behaviour. Our staff have an unconditional positive regard towards all students; we believe in them and their ability to succeed.

Our implementation of the SWPBS framework includes teaching the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships curriculum. This evidence-based resource ensures developmentally appropriate social and emotional learning experiences for all our students.

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