Our Safe School

At Brunswick North Primary School, we are committed to providing a safe learning environment for our students, staff and community.

We are vigilant in our application of the Child Safe Standards; our policies are lived in the everyday school experience. We are active in ensuring our school is culturally safe. A committed team of staff, students and community members work to instil practices that help us learn about and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, through both everyday actions and significant events. We are proud of the school’s multicultural heritage and thrive in the community culture that exemplifies Brunswick. Active student, staff and community groups promote understanding and awareness of inclusive practices and attitudes to ensure all are welcome and safe.

Our students are empowered to take action against bullying and violent behaviours. We teach ‘Upstander’ behaviours, where students call out bullying and practice seeking assistance from trusted adults in the community. We work with all students to understand the impact of bullying and violence, and actively teach alternative pro-social behaviours.

Brunswick North Primary School

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